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The leader, MPs and members of the neo-nazi party “Golden Dawn”, who are represented in Greek parliament,  have been proved to operate with methods used by paramilitary teams and the mafia, with numerous criminal activities and even murder. Revealingtestimony indicates that theirultimate goalwas theoverthrow of thethe democratic regimeinGreece!

Golden Dawn sent  many tentacles and connections into all stratas of Greek society. Its activities have long been known but many incidents were covered up by the Greek police. But the assassination of Killah P  (Pavlos Fyssas), activist and rapper, by a member of the organization, by stabbing him the heart, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Right after Fyssas’s assassination, the Pirate Party of Greece, issued a press release entitled “Fascism revealed; It does not strike “what you do”, but “what you are”, calling on Greek society to rise against Nazism and condemn such excesses and phenomena. Greek Pirates referred to the personal responsibility of each of those, who voted for the neo-nazi party and been misled, to realize their mistake and send Golden Dawn back into oblivion:

“Yesterday, Golden Dawn killed a thirty four year old man. The killer was not one isolated individual, but all of the Golden Dawn members and their inhumane ideas. Political assassination can never be considered to be committed by one person, as it is merely an expression of an «ideology» supporting such actions. But beyond the physical act is also the terrible attempt on freedoms of speech, of expression and of opinion. These are their targets, since they are a strong obstacle on their way to absolute power.”

“How do you, fellow Greek voters, feel now that you have to make phone calls to ensure your children are still alive? What will you do now that the pretext of the «evil immigrant» is gone? What will you do now that you are also a target? What will you do now that you have failed to «punish» the corrupt politicians? It is you who have created this phenomenon, and the duty is now yours to send it back into oblivion.

Payment was due. And it was paid for with the blood of an innocent human being. If you let them continue, you might be next.”

The murder of Killah P caused the intervention of the Prosecutor who ordered not only the arrest of the leadership and members of Golden Dawn but also of some men and women of the Security Forces on accusations of establishing and taking part in a criminal organization. On the coming Wednesday Greek Parliament will decide on whether to lift the immunity for other three Golden Dawn MPs.

There were a lot of reaction worldwide, many groups organized protest and antifascist rallies in major cities and in Athens, and the incident of the killing mobilized many Greek and foreign artists to dedicate songs to Killah P’s memory. One of  these songs is“F… Golden Dawn” by Quadir Lateef. 


Thanassis Gounaris , member of the Board of PPGR and spokesman of the movement for the formation of a Municipal ballot under the name “Pirates in Athens”, aiming to participate in the regional elections, by intervening in a public debate on the issue, recently wrote on the  “Pirates in Athens” Facebook page

“Aside from everything else that has been said to date on the issue of Golden Dawn, is that media need to see what was and still is their contribution in the shaping of public opinion, when they gave help to MPs and staff of this organization by interviewing them on TV shows and newscasts.

 Traditional media in Greece always give more publicity, time and promotion to parties within the parliament and indifferent to the parties that are really struggling to implement new ideas. These parties are usually stuck in the “other ” parties of the polls and not given the opportunity to present their positions to the public. However one thing is certain , it is better to be a pirate than a fascist , and even more certain is the ideological gap between Pirates and neo-nazis .

We embrace the principles of PPGR and Human Rights and try to recommend actions for a more democratic Athens in all aspects of everyday life, where everyone can express themselves and take part in decision- making. No more such events in the neighborhoods of Athens; we fight for it and invite Athenians to join us.”


PPGR will host on 2 & 3  November 2013 in Athens the meeting of the European Pirate Party for the development of the common programme and election coordination  (you can register here), while the Party \ is also preparing for its 2nd Congress to be held on 7 & 8  December 2013 in Thessaloniki.

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